Sunday, 20 May 2012

weekly wants #1

i've decided to start posting a weekly roundup of things that i've come across and have been lusting over on a weekly basis, and here's the first one! (put together on paint, ssshh, my laptop won't cope with any other program...)

i love biker jackets. i bought a rather expensive topshop one last summer and about a week after having it i left it outside a club (i think?) and never saw it again. so sad. but i'm now emotionally healed and fully ready for another. i really like that this is two tone, the arms look lovely. i'd also really like a heavily studded one...

i love all of the unusual jewellery that's around on the highstreet at the moment, it's all very much my thing. i don't wear earrings too often but i really like these, as far as i can see the stars poke out from behind your earlobes (i may be wrong?!). i just think these are very pretty. i'm a sucker for topshop jewellery.

i'm terrible with bags. i usually wear them to breaking point, and carry so much around in them the handles get weaker and weaker. i think the only bag that i still have that isn't broken in any way is an aldo bag i bought about 2 years ago. i'm in the market for a new bag as my current primark number is boring me now, so i have my eye on this

i KNOW that these have had rubbish reviews, and that they're just a gimmicky lipbalm, and a crap one at that, but i'm going to buy one just to look at. well done maybelline, you've got at least one sucker. does nobody else look at these and want to just crush them against something? because of the texture? no? just me then... moooving swiftly on...

i bought this month's copy of marie claire even though i don't read it just for the body shop lip stain that was free, and one of my favourite things about glossy mags are the perfume sniffing pages! this had a page with one of those little pull up sachet things with a bit of perfume soaked cotton in, and as i thoroughly wiped myself with that, i fell in love with this. it's a pretty generic scent, i can't put my finger on any perfume that it actually smells like but there's a lot of them. i don't care though, i LOVE it. and i love the bottle. yum.

i love watches, i started just wearing big chunky "gold" watches for jewellery, but then became so dependent on them that if i left the house without my watch i felt incomplete. this made me feel like my dad. not good. anyway, i've not worn a watch for a while (gonna be honest, it's mainly because all of the batteries have run out and i have no clue where to get a replacement for or what size i'd need), and this one is loovely, it reminds me of my first fashion watch i got from peacocks ages ago. i lost it. theme occuring here.

squeeeeeee. i love kurt geiger shoes, i could (and often do) stand outside at night time just looking at them through the glass. it's funny, if i did to men what i do to shoes i could be locked up (staring, not wearing). and vice versa, now i come to think of it. i'm sure there's a fetish for that... anyway, i have 4 pairs of KG shoes and although they're all absolutely ridiculous, platforms, pin width heels etc, they're SO comfy. and these are fairly sensible. and i do love a good nude shoe in the summer

so that's that. my first wishlist post! if anyone fancies buying me a present...?


  1. I'm trying to imagine how the earrings would look on the ears.. oh and I want that watch too!

  2. We don't even have the color sensational lipsticks from maybelline in Australia yet. Really hoping that we do get it because just the packaging itself is gorgeous! You have a lovely blog btw :)

    x Jess