Monday, 28 May 2012

notd: china glaze fuschia fanatic

To keep up with this weather I decided it was time to paint my toenails which I have neglected for the past week. I did myself a mini pedicure and painted them this lovely colour. I also did my nails to match, which is a rarity, and in 2 days max will no longer be the case!
I know a lot of people in the UK haven't tried China Glaze polishes as they're quite hard to get hold of, but I'd really recommend them; they're a definite contender for OPI in my opinion, and a bit cheaper. I get all of mine from Sally's, I've got about 11 now, and every one is beautiful. They have a great range of colours and the application is generally a dream.

This is a blue-based hot pink, similar in colour to MAC's girl about town lipstick which I LOVE! it's darker and less neon-looking than in this picture because it was taken in sunlight, but still a gorgeous bright pink. perfect for summer and classic enough for all the other seasons too I think!


  1. Love the colour! Really nice and summery xx

  2. Hello Hannah :)
    Your nail colour is amazing, i like pink :)

    Ina :*