Thursday, 17 May 2012

haul and mini reviews

so I went to Boots for some "essentials" on Monday, and ended up buying rather a lot...

Deep breath...

Oral B Pro Expert Whitening toothpaste- £3.49
Vichy Soft & Soothing Toner-£11
Revlon CustomEyes e/s pallette in naturally glamourous- £7.99
Revlon Photoready foundation in 002 Vanilla- £12.99
Revlon Photoready foundation primer in 001 (clear)- £11.99
Revlon Photoready Concealer in 002 Light- £6.49
Boots stainless steel cuticle cutters- £6.00
Boots 6 way file + buffer - £2.50
Bourjois french manicure set- £9.99
L'oreal telescopic false lash mascara- £10.99
L'oreal volume million lashes mascara extra black- £10.99
Model's Own hedkandy nail polish in Disco Heaven- £5
Model's Own Beetlejuice nail polish in Indian Ocean- £5
Model's Own Beetlejuice nail polish in Aqua Violet- £5
Model's Own nail polish in Champagne (out of shot)- £5
Boots hair skin + nails vitamins, 30 capsules (out of shot)- £5.99
Sally Hansen white nail pencil (out of shot)- £2.99

I've been wanting to try the toothpaste for ages, it's got really good reviews and apparently people's dentists have been saying it's really good for your teeth etc. I didn't need it at all though, I've got about 3 other ones on the go (you'll see this is a theme throughout the blog. buying things unnecessarily, not toothpaste).
The toner is lovely, I'll probably write a review of it soon. I was after the Botanics organic rosewater toner but they didn't have it and this caught my eye. I don't use toner really, but I wanted to start and needed something alcohol free. I had a bad reaction to a Simple moisturiser (I'll post about this seperately) which left my skin so so dry, it felt like sandpaper, and this didn't irritate that at all.
The cuticle trimmer was something I've been thinking about for a while, I know it's meant to be bad for you but I cannot stand my cuticles not being neat and nothing else works. it is a bit fiddly though and I cut myself with it at one point :(
I like to buff my nails once a week as my nails are really ridged and a bit uneven from my acrylic use, which is why I bought the buffer, I've lost my last one.
I saw the french manicure set reviewed on another blog and needed a new pure white nail polish anyway. I've also been a bit obsessed with sheer pinks since having my natural nails back so I thought I might as well get this. I used it the other day and my nails looked really nice, the white was easy to use and the pink's beautiful. And you can never have too many top coats!
I'll do a seperate post on the Model's Own nail polishes, I wanted Ibiza Mix from the hedkandi collection, but when I got to the till I realised I'd picked up a tester, and they didn't have any in stock, which is why I got the disco heaven one, which I actually really like. I'm going to go back at some point next week and see if they have it though, because it would have been beaut over white I think.
The nail pencil is self explanatory, I don't really like them but my nails are SO stained and it was cheap.
I might do a seperate post on the vitamins as well, I took some similar ones in the past and they worked because my leg hair grew much faster! I didn't use them for long enough to notice any other effects though ha. I'll let you know how these go leg-wise!

photoready foundation, primer and concealer
I did actually need a new foundation for when I'm not wearing fake tan, I was using Revlon Colorstay but I ran out and fancied a change, as it can go a bit cakey. I also then got suckered into the primer (which I definitely didn''t need) and the concealer, which I don't normally use but I've got a spot on my chin that's gone down now but is still a red mark, and I like that this has sparkles in it. I might review all this stuff soon.

I saw this palette on the website and it caught my eye because it said it had an eyeliner in, but when I swatched it in the shop I realised it's actually a black/very dark brown eyeshadow that can be used as a liner. I basically only wear brown eyeshadow in my crease and a highlight on my browbone, sometimes a brown smokey eye but that's it, so I've got loads of browns. I'm really picky with them though, they can't be too ashy or too red. The 2nd and last of these are perfect. On the back there's a little diagram of where to put each colour for a smokey eye, which I forgot to photograph, but I'll probably review this at some point.

They don't swatch very well but the colour payoff is good when actually on the eyes with UDPP.

I needed wanted a new lengthening and volumising mascara to use with my divaderme lash extender (which I reviewed here). I didn't even check and bought the telescopic in bleedin' brown! who even wears brown mascara?! Thankfully it doesn't really matter because I just put this under everything else, but I was still annoyed. I didn't realise (or check) that million lashes has a plastic brush either, which I was also annoyed about, as I prefer volumising mascaras with actual bristles. It worked out quite well though, the plastic thing is better at seperating the lashes when the fibres get all clogged.

So that's it! The mascaras were 2 for £14 and the model's own nail polishes were 2 for £8 (so I bought 4... oops!)


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