Friday, 18 May 2012

models own nail polish swatches

hi! so here is the post I promised about my recent models own polish purchases I told you about here. I thought I'd show you some swatches of the colours.

indian ocean- 2 coats with flash

This is Indian Ocean, a part of the Beetlejuice collection. I've only got the one picture of it because it's an absolute nightmare to photograph. It's a powder blue/candy pink duochrome, which has sparks of green through it in certain lights. I like it but not loads. It's gorgeous when you move your fingers but it just doesn't make me want to cry with joy. I'll wear it though. It's really sheer as you can see, although that's only two coats. I tried it over white (see below) and that was much more striking. It also looks different when layered over different coloured ppolishes because it's duochrome, which you'll also see in a sec.

aqua violet- 2 coats in natural light

aqua violet- 2 coats with flash
Aqua Violet is the second polish I got from the Beetlejuice collection, it's another duochrome and therefore also virtually impossible to photograph. The picture in natural light is as close as I could get, but it's still a lot more turquoise and purple irl and much less blue than it looks here. so annoying! This is a really pretty colour but it doesn't jump out to me at all. I love the effect, but I have a thing against metallic purple polishes and this is one in certain lights... boring. Might do a giveaway with this. There's two coats here but there were a few bald patches.

champagne- 2 coats in natural light
champagne- 2 coats with flash
now this i LOVE! it's a muted gold foil. I had a baby pink foil polish when I was about 10 and this really transports me back! these pictures are without topcoat, but it looks almost like minx with a coat of seche added. love love love.

disco heaven - 2 coats with flash
I didn't actually want this one, I was after ibiza mix, but when I got to the till I realised it was a tester and they did't have any more :( so I just got this because I couldn't think of any true gold glitters in my collection. I wasn't thrilled with it, but thought it'd be okay for layering etc. When I did these swatches I realised it wasn't just gold glitter, it also has a small amount of iridescent blue in, which really lifts it! So pretty! The above picture is 2 coats on bare nails, I think you could get it nearly opaque with about 4?  It was a friggin nightmare to remove of course, but worth it I think. You can see in all the other pictures bits of glitter all over my hands!

2 coats of indian ocean + disco heaven over white, natural light
I waned to show you how much nicer indian ocean looks over white (this is just bourjois white tip polish, any white would do), as it's so sheer otherwise. I much prefer it like this.  And disco heaven over white is BEAUT, I love it. I'm going to wear this look properly soon. I love glitters over opaque white polishes. You can see the iridescent gliter here too.

1 coat disco heaven + indian ocean over black, natural light
1 coat disco heaven + indian ocean over black, flash
Look! look how pretty indian ocean is over black! the picture in natural light is more true to life but i included the one with flash because it does look frosty pink in certain lights. i love it and am gonna be trying it over every colour i can find! brilliant!

1 coat aqua violet over black, 1 coat disco heaven over 2 coats champagne, no flash (excuse the mess)
I tried to do the same with aqua violet to see if this was as exciting, but it wasn't. just a bit darker than alone. booo! i love disco heaven over champagne though, it's blingy but delicate. i think more than 1 coat would be a bit too much though, i dunno. in the flesh putting disco heaven over champagne brings out the iridescent glitter even more as it contrasts against all the gold. pretty.

so that's that! my first ever models own polishes! and what a mixed review. I was most excited about the beetlejuice ones and they let me down a bit. disco heaven surprised me, but i still want ibiza mix. and i love champagne as much as i knew i would!

have you tried any of these? any others you'd recommend? and what's your favourite polishes to layer?


  1. Lovee champagne its been added to my shopping list! it looks a little like Orly's rage!
    love your blog :) x