Friday, 18 May 2012

leopard print nails tutorial

so, as you can probably see from my background, i love me some leopard print! i also love nail art. and i love this because it's so easy, and as i've demonstrated from the pic above (just spare stick ons painted, if you want to know what any of the colours are drop me a coment), it can work with virtually all colours. my favourite is browns because it looks more like a leopard!

Read on for the tutorial...

 you will need....

- a light coloured polish in your chosen colour (i used nails inc basil street, which i love)
-a darker shade of polish in a similar colour (i went with china glaze street chic)
-basecoat (not pictured, I used nail envy)
-topcoat (I used seche vite)
-black polish*
-A thin brush*

I used a miss sporty black because it was all I could find, and just a plain small plaintbrush. If you don't have a brush you can use a toothpick or a broken off bit of dry spaghetti (really! uncooked obviously or things could get messy!). You could also obviously use a black nail art pen if you have one, or even black liquid eyeliner.
if you do use eyeliner make sure you wait for it to dry properly and be very careful when applying your topcoat or it'll go everywhere. I'd recommend testing it first by applying a line of it to a nail and then going over it with topcoat to see if it smudges or not, you don't want to do all this work and then ruin it!
The coloured nails at the top I did with a miss sporty liquid eyeliner but didn't let it dry properly which is why they look weird. I'd also say that unless you're using seche vite be very wary of how dry the black is whatever you do it in, because your topcoat could also smudge nail polish unless it's bone dry. However, I don't mind how it looks a bit smudged, which is the beauty of this look!

So, first, apply base coat as normal and let dry.
Apply lightest colour as normal, I used 2 coats to get full opacity
let dry

next, using the normal brush in the bottle of the darker shade, put some splodges on the nail as so. don't make them too perfect or it'll look weird. make sure there's not too much polish on the brush or you'll get it everywhere.
let dry
next is the most difficult bit. using your black nail polish/nail art pen/eyeliner, carefully (but not too carefully) draw around the splodges, on one nail at a time
 i like to miss bits out, so i'll do one line, another little line and a dot all around one splodge, so there's three gaps. you can also do 2 lines or just one half. i like to mix them up.
if there are any areas that look a bit blank you can just put a dot of black in them
i always make sure my dots go off the edge of the nail, as this looks more real and less neat, which is what we want. don't try and make them look perfect, that's the point!
let this dry completely, as i said
add topcoat, and you're done!
if you used a paintbrush, at this point you'll need to soak your brush in nail polish remover for a few seconds and then wipe it with a tissue, or it'll get all dried and ruined.

you can add glitter or anything you want on top of these

what's your favourite quick nail art?


  1. These are AWESOME! Really want to try them now!

    1. DO IT and let me know how they go! which colour's your favourite?

    2. I like the pink ones best, they're so summery! I'm popping down to Superdrug later to get some supplies for my own version, so excited!

  2. i love nail tutorials.. though whenever it's my turn to try it, it'll be ugly.. Btw, i've never tried China Glaze, is it easier to apply on? & Is there like a metal ball inside it? Following you for more tutorials =))

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    1. Hi Hannah, ive replied to one of your comments in my blog post. Not sure if you'll be notified, so i'll write it here as well. =))

      I think, you don't have the "Followers Icon Gadget", i followed you by email (it's right below your "About Me" Section. They prompt me that I'll be notified by email on every new entry you post.

      & On my profile, under "Blogs I follow" yours is not listed. So i think you'll need the "Followers Icon Gadget". Do let me know ya.. =))

  3. I love this! i love nail art but ive still not mastered leopard print, i think i always try to be too neat...which like you say just looks weird!
    Love all your nail posts im now following :)