Wednesday, 9 May 2012

notd: nails inc victoria

excuse the messy cuticles...
I know, I said I'd try to keep polish free and just use my nail envy. I failed. I happened to suddenly remember one of my all time favourite colours. this.

it is so so so so so glossy and beautiful, with one coat it looks absoultely shite, but when you add the second one it transforms into a beautiful shiny, jelly looking red. add another, and it's darker and more black-red.
it looks gorgeous with all skintones in my opinion, but I do prefer it on my natural (very pale) hands, compared to when I've tanned.
I couldn't get a picture that showed the colour and shine, but did manage to get a warmer looking one and a cooler one. here's the cool one:
so preeeetty.
it is more red than it looks in both these pictures. I'm sure you know that anyway
this is a classic, I got my first in glamour magazine about 3 (?!) years ago, then lost it and bought one, and when they partnered with glamour again I picked up two. so I have three bottles of it currently. although i haven't even used half a bottle of nail colour for about 4 years.

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