Sunday, 20 May 2012

notd: pac man nail art!

this was actually meant to be a photo tutorial like the leopard print one, but i got a bit carried away and forgot to take pictures. so if anyone's interested i will do one at some point.

i'm much better at nail art that doesn't require me to be neat, and i'm not really happy with this to be honest, my paintbrush wasn't thin enough so the eyes look rubbish. the red one looks really upset, which wasn't the point!

my right hand was a write off from the start. I knew there was no way i was going to be able to make this look decent as i seemed to be really shaky this morning, so i tried to do the track thing, but i didn't realise it'd look this bad. i was going to do a cherry on my ring finger but there was no way that was happening. the blue stands out more in real life because it's glitter, and you can tell what it is better when you can see my hands together...

colours are:
red ghost- opi thrill of brazil
pink ghost- china glaze dance baby
blue ghost- barry m blueberry ice cream
orange ghost- china glaze papaya punch
pacman- yellow acrylic paint
blue lines- china glaze blue sparrow
light yellow dots- yellow+white actrylic paints mixed


  1. These are brilliant! Sorry for the following not sure what happened!? I think I am following you now though....let me know if it shows up for you that im following! :) xxx

    1. haha thanks, i don't like them that much; too self critical i think!
      yeah it's working now, thanks! i'll follow you back xx