Sunday, 13 May 2012

divaderme lash extender: review

I'm obsessed with my eyelashes. I'm constantly on the lookout for a mascara that will give me the huge, thick, black lashes I'm after, which I'm sure is a journey you'll be joining me on with this blog.
I generally apply about 7 coats of mascara in the morning before work, which takes absolutely forever. I go through phases of wearing falsies but I absolutely suck at applying them on my left eye, so they either stick straight up or poke me in the eye slightly, which is fine for a few hours but after a day of staring at a computer screen my eyes are all red and horrible.
So when I saw Divaderme's Lash Extender (lashes in a bottle) on Wowcher for £15.99 (I think) instead of £42, I had to get it.

Read on for my review...

Once I'd already orderded it (stupid), I actually looked into what it was. It's basically a bottle of small fibres, which when brushed onto wet, mascara-d lashes add length and volume, before being sealed in with another coat of mascara. It comes with a small brush to brush off any fibres from your face to avoid looking like a warewolf.

When it actually arrived, I was still a bit surprised. and skeptical. I've never got on with fibre mascaras because they weigh my lashes down and pull any curl out of them. And it literally is just a bottle of little black hairs. Look-

Application is fairly simple, curl lashes and apply a coat of mascara with a thinner consistency (I used the Nouveau Lashes one I got in my Christmas Glossybox), gently stroke the lash extender on top whilst wet (after getting excess off the brush), and then top with another coat of mascara to seal. You can continue doing this, but I've not tried it yet, one coat was more than enough, and I like 'em BIG ;).

One thing I would say is make sure you apply it whilst looking down into a mirror, or you;ll get the bits in your eyes. And take your time, mine went a little climpy, which I don't mind, but I think if I'd been more careful they wouldn't have done.

So, before and after pics, first is my eye without any makeup, second is 2 coats of mascara on curled lashes, and third is two coats of mascara with a coat of the lash extender in between.

I managed to somehow make the third image look like my lashes are shorter than the second, but that's just the angle I took it at, because I'm silly. As you can see, there's a lot more volume, and I think I could have got more length if I'd applied more to the tips.

I really, really like this product, removal is a little more difficult than just mascara, because the fibres get everywhere, but with Lush ultrabland it's still really easy. I think this is going to save me so much time, I won't need to pile on 100 coats of mascara in the mornings any more.

What do you think, would you try something like this, or do you prefer a more natural look?



  1. Have you ever tried revitalash?
    On the expensive side but apparently it works.

  2. I have this and its amazing! Got such short eye lashes as well. Saves me putting on false eyelashes, because I can't really afford them all of the time :) xx