Wednesday, 27 June 2012

glitter ombre nail tutorial

Whilst browsing my blogroll earlier today I came across this post by the lovely Natasha over at The Tyrannosaur, showing how to do ombre nails using the sponge method, which reminded me that I've been meaning to also do a tutorial on one of my favourite easy nail art methods: glitter ombre!

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

notd: china glaze high maintenance

indoor light
this is probably my favourite red I own. It's a slightly blue based jelly, it looks a bit like fresh blood and that's just how I like 'em.
This is three coats because I always do three, but it looks fine at two. It's closer to the flash pic but a bit deeper and not quite as bright. my skin looks really yellow on camera for some reason but it's actually really pale and pink toned, and this looks lovely with it if I do say so myself. It's really not a summery colour but the weather hasn't been lately so I don't care.
I also love the name of this polish, although it's not a high maintenance polish to apply. my ex thought it was hysterical when I bought this. I'll let you guess why.


Sunday, 24 June 2012

update + month in photos

sorry I've been very quiet on the  blogging front lately, but I've had a very rough few weeks for various reasons.
I've been thinking of doing a week in photos post for a while  now but as I lead a very boring (and currently frustrating) life, I think it'd be more appropriate to do them monthly. Or monthly ish.
So here we go:

beach fun
a cat sticker on a bin.
cocktails with the besty

can't say no to a bit of prosecco
veeery messy fruity nails
the BEST food ever. no arguing.
REALLY need to sort out some n ail storage!
making myself laugh. a lot
making new friends and drinking guinness
devastated by guinness spillage
apologies if that crashed your browser...
so to summarise, I need to start going out exclusively in flat shoes, and do more interesting things that DON'T involve alcohol.

highlights not pictured:
-eating a tequila worm
-having a disco nap IN a bar
-entirely re-obsessed with peanut butter
-chaos at work
-embarrassing myself and pretending everything was fine
-pretending not to understand football as well as I do so boys will speak to me while it's on and not just completely ignore me
-going to a party and spending it looking after a 7 year old
-waking up from said party on floor being spooned by ENTIRELY platonic male friend
and so on.

I'll be posting my swatches of the OPI NY Ballet collection soon, and also this month's Glossy and Jolieboxes



Sunday, 10 June 2012

notd: pearl accent nail, nails inc basil street + china glaze golden enchantment

hello ladies!
fancied a bit of nail art today, so I thought I'd jazz up my usual accent ring finger with some flat backed plastic pearls. I wasn't sure what colour to go with on the rest of my nails, and I've been wanting to try golden enchantment for ages so I went with Nails Inc Basil St for my base, as it's my FAVOURITE nude ever. I'd misplaced it and searched high and low for an hour, messing up my base coat in the process! The colour doesn't really show because of Golden Enchantment, but it's a lovely beigey nude, I'll do a seperate post on it soon.
Golden Enchantment is a really fine gold holo glitter in a clear base, it's not very dense at all, but looks beautiful with one coat, although this is three, I love it, it'd look gorgeous over virtually everything!

The accent nail is quite straight forward to do, but if anyone wants a tutorial I can do one :)

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

OPI dutch treats collection swatches

the other day when in Sally's I spotted this mini collection of OPI's Dutch Treats collection, and couldn't help but buy it, for blogging purposes of course... *cough*

I have a Herring Problem, Red lights ahead... Where? Kiss me on my Tulips and Pedal faster Suzi!
Read on for swatches

Sunday, 3 June 2012

opi the amazing spiderman collection: swatches

today im going to show you one of my new opi mini collections.

this one is to promote the new spiderman film, which I doubt I'll be seeing, but when there's nail polish involved, HELLO!

into the night, number one nemesis, just spotted the lizard, your web or mine
Read on for swatches...

Saturday, 2 June 2012

sally's haul

Naughty naughty.
Yesterday was payday, and I went "popped in" to Sally's for "a couple of bits"...

-Duo eyelash glue;
couldn't decide between black or clear, but I went with clear as I'd just run out of it and have never tried black, does anyone recommend it?
-OPI Did You Ear About Van Gough?;
a pretty, cool, taupish beige
-China Glaze White on White;
a basic white creme, good for layering and nail art
-China Glaze Fairy Dust;
a holographic silver microglitter in a clear base
-China Glaze Golden Enchantment;
Fairy Dust's gold sister
-China Glaze Flying Dragon;
A neon purple creme with pink and blue glitter, similar to Blue Sparrow
-Disposable mascara brushes;
I like using these to de-clump my lashes, I've never got on with combs
-OPI Dutch Treats minis;
I Have a Herring Problem, Red Lights Ahead.. Where? Kiss Me on My Tulips, Pedal Faster Suzi!
-OPI New York Ballet minis;
My Pointe Exactly, Don't Touch My Tutu, Care to Danse? Pirouette My Whistle
-Salon System BohoLash eyelashes in Boho Classic;
I haven't worn false eyelashes for a while and liked the fluttery shape of these.
-China Glaze Strong Adhesion Base Coat;
My nail polish has been chipping a lot lately for some reason so I thought I'd try this instead of using OPI Nail Envy alone
-China Glaze Patent Leather Top Coat;
Still on the hunt for my HG top coat
-OPI Spiderman Minis;
Into the Night, Number One Nemesis, Just Spotted the Lizard! Your Web or Mine?
When I went to buy this in boots a couple of months ago they'd sold out so I got the Kiss one, which wasn't great and has just run out, so I thought I'd treat myself to this baby
-OPI Nail Envy Original;
talked about here

so that's that! I'll be swatching the polishes in the next few days...


free benefit products with glamour and an update

hi guys, sorry I've not been posting again but my sleeping pattern has gone mental so I've been knackered all week.

I thought I'd let you know that there's free mini benefit products with this month's Glamour magazine, you can choose from bad gal mascara, the porefessional primer or that gal primer. My shop only had these two. It's funny, the man who owns my local shop doesn't even bat an eyelid at me buying multiples of the same magazine any more haha.

I was out last night as someone from work was leaving, someone thought it would be a great idea to buy him a pitcher of beer, which he couldn't drink alone so he roped some of us in

And here's me taking what may be my first ever cringey bathroom mirror pic alone, I like the lighting in there

my face looks much paler than my chest but it wasn't really, if anything my face had far too much bronzer on it. and my undereye bags look awful! and my hair looks really brown?!

Hope you're all okay, I'll be posting a lot over this weekend I imagine!