Thursday, 17 May 2012

new red hair!

I had red hair just over a year ago, and the other day I was off work and bored, and suddenly got it into my head to walk down to boots and buy some more red dye!

I bleached it first to a light orangey colour, then used Shwarzkopf Live Colour XXL in Real Red, I needed just over 2 boxes of dye (I bought 3), to cover my actual hair and my extensions, which I didn't bleach first as they were already a bit lighter than my hair. I also bought a pot of Directions in pillarbox red, which I've mixed with all of the little tubes of conditioner you get in the permanent dye, so I can top up the colour every time I wash it! I'm glad I bought that colour because the XXL red is orange based, and the Directions is blue based, so layering them has given me a more true red.

It looks a lot brighter in that picture than it actually looks, this is what it looks like in real life...


I really like it, but I regret it slightly as I hadn't dyed my  hair for nearly a year until I did this and I'm trying to grow it! Bits keep snapping off and I doubt this has helped... Also, I need to get used to constantly red bath water and pink water dripping down my face after a shower! Ugh!!

I think it actually suits me better than my natural brown, it really warms up my skintone and eyes

I was out yesterday, here are a couple of funny pictures


blurry drunk guinness!

can you tell happy hour was just about to finish?! this was all between me and 1 friend! DRINK RESPONSIBLY, KIDS! 

What's your favourite colour to have your hair?



  1. I LOVE the colour of your hair!! I used to have red hair too, I think I used a similar colour but I didn't bleach it first so it came out a lot browner than yours, I really liked it though! My absolute favourite was way back when I was at college, I bleached the underneath and dyed it bright blue - I loved it so much but it was a right pain to keep the right colour! I'm thinking about experimenting with pink ends this summer if I don't get a job!

  2. Thank you! I know, unnatural colours are an absolute pain in the arse, but worth it! It really helps me to mix dye with my conditioner and just use that every wash, when it was pinkish red last year it was really bright and barely faded at all! And because my hair's so dry and coarse I can go for like 4 days without washing it which really helps!
    You could try and get a job that would let you? Maybe ask? I work in an office and mine's fine!

    1. That's a great idea mixing the dye with conditioner, I'll definitely do that if I get around to dying my hair!
      I live in a really touristy town and most of the jobs are in posh hotels/restaurants so they're really fussy about dyed hair - last year I worked in a golf hotel, and we were even given guidelines on fake tan and how to wear our makeup! Soul-destroying times :(

    2. I thought I was a genius when I thought of it, but then googled it and it's quite common apparently. furious, thought I was onto a moneymaker there!
      WHAT?! that's insane! I can just imagine it, "no smudged eyeliner, no clumpy eyelashes, and we will be doing palm checks at random to see if there ae any fake tans in your system" like a drug test! hahahaha!

  3. WOW your hair is amazing! i would love to do this to my hair but i'm still trying to repair it after bleaching it a year ago :(
    Nice blog :)