Sunday, 24 June 2012

update + month in photos

sorry I've been very quiet on the  blogging front lately, but I've had a very rough few weeks for various reasons.
I've been thinking of doing a week in photos post for a while  now but as I lead a very boring (and currently frustrating) life, I think it'd be more appropriate to do them monthly. Or monthly ish.
So here we go:

beach fun
a cat sticker on a bin.
cocktails with the besty

can't say no to a bit of prosecco
veeery messy fruity nails
the BEST food ever. no arguing.
REALLY need to sort out some n ail storage!
making myself laugh. a lot
making new friends and drinking guinness
devastated by guinness spillage
apologies if that crashed your browser...
so to summarise, I need to start going out exclusively in flat shoes, and do more interesting things that DON'T involve alcohol.

highlights not pictured:
-eating a tequila worm
-having a disco nap IN a bar
-entirely re-obsessed with peanut butter
-chaos at work
-embarrassing myself and pretending everything was fine
-pretending not to understand football as well as I do so boys will speak to me while it's on and not just completely ignore me
-going to a party and spending it looking after a 7 year old
-waking up from said party on floor being spooned by ENTIRELY platonic male friend
and so on.

I'll be posting my swatches of the OPI NY Ballet collection soon, and also this month's Glossy and Jolieboxes



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  1. Sorry for your bad news, hope your doing ok x