Sunday, 3 June 2012

opi the amazing spiderman collection: swatches

today im going to show you one of my new opi mini collections.

this one is to promote the new spiderman film, which I doubt I'll be seeing, but when there's nail polish involved, HELLO!

into the night, number one nemesis, just spotted the lizard, your web or mine
Read on for swatches...

i love the minis, they're a great way of getting a taste of a collection without spending £12~ on a bottle of polish. also, i can't remember the last time I actually finished a polish anyway, ha

natural light
first up is Into the Night, a bright royal blue with a lot of frosty shimmer. i actually thought this would be more navy from looking at the bottle, but i was pleasantly surprised. this took four coats but i could probably  have got away with three. this colour reminds me so much of spiderman, but i'm not sure if that's because i know it's part of the collection? anyway, i love it! look at how it glows! the picture with flash is more true to life but it does change a lot because of the shimmer. it went on very sheer on the first coat and got better from there. be careful with brush strokes.

next is number one nemesis. this is a gorgeous shimmery gunmetal, i can't decide if it's a shimmer, a foil or a glitter, but it does definitely have microglitter in it. it's a lot darker than it looks on the nails, the bottle colour is good. it's got lots of different coloured glitters in it, i can see olive, silver and gold, amongst others. my photo really doesn't do this justice; it is gorgeous. i don't have anything like it in my collection. this is three coats but it could have done with 4

natural light
just spotted the lizard didn't catch my eye in the box, but then once i'd actually looked at the bottle i was very excited. it looks a gold-olive-green-blue duochrome, and i've never seen anything like it. however, this didn't translate to the nail. it's still interesting but just a gold-olive duo. i hate when that happens. just look at the bottle in the top picture! this was another three coater, and it's very frosty so again, beware of brush strokes!

your web or mine is a slightly muted corally pink with silver frost. this was the easiest to apply of the collection, it only took two coats and was a dream. unfortunately, it's really not my colour or finish. i have nothing against frosts or pinks, i just hate how this looks. i must say it's not as bad on as i thought it would be but it's definitely not one that i'll be wearing any time soon.

overall i'm not blown away by this collection. I'll probably only be regularly wearing into the night and number one nemesis, and your web or mine ain't coming near my fingers again. i think the first three definitely fit with the theme, but i'm not too sure why your web or mine's even there... i'd probably buy into the night full size, but that's it. and i won't because i don't need another blue.



  1. Wow I never knew they had this collection and the colours are gorgeous. I just did a jubilee nail art post, check it out :)


  2. Look out here comes the Spiderman! 8-)
    I'm liking the electric blue one.