Wednesday, 27 June 2012

glitter ombre nail tutorial

Whilst browsing my blogroll earlier today I came across this post by the lovely Natasha over at The Tyrannosaur, showing how to do ombre nails using the sponge method, which reminded me that I've been meaning to also do a tutorial on one of my favourite easy nail art methods: glitter ombre!

To do this you will need the following:
base coat (I used China Glaze Strong Adhesion, which I love)
base colour (cream is best, I used H&M Get a Rose 4 Me)
glitter polish (one with a clear base if possible, I used China Glaze Material Girl)
top coat (any will do, but a thicker one is better to smooth the glitter down; mine is China Glaze Patent Leather)

Firstly you need to paint on your base coat and let dry (I only took this photo because of how much better condition my nails are in lately!)
let dry.

Then paint your nails with your base colour. The reason I chose this is because it's very close in colour to the glitter, but you can use absolutely any colour you like, whether you're contrasting or  not.

Then you need to paint the first coat of glitter on like you would a french manicure, but don't worry about being tidy.
If you're using a contrasting base colour and glitter, I find it a lot easier to do the tips in a cream polish that is similar to the glitter before this step, as it won't matter so much if you can't get full opacity with the glitter later on.
Let dry

You then need to paint another layer of glitter, this time going slightly further down the nail.

Continue doing this until you're happy with a) the opacity of the glitter at the tips, and b) how far it goes down the nail.

Apply top coat, and you're done!

As I said, you can do any colour combo and types of glitter you like, gold and nude is a great combo; in  the pic above I've used Nails Inc Basil St and Models Own Disco Heaven, and I also like using chunky glitters, like China Glaze Techno, which I've paired with China Glaze Dance Baby.

Have you ever tried ombre nails? Is this look to blingy for you? Let me know. Also please inform me of any other nail tutorials you'd like to see (if any ha)

And bonus points for anyone who can guess what my favourite nail polish brand is... hahah!



  1. I LOVE GLITTER AND I LOVE THIS!! I bet it would look amazing in dark blues like a shiny shiny sky! When I get regular shifts at work I'm so trying this out - glitter nails are really impractical for waitressing I'd be so embarrassed if the glitter got into someone's food!

    1. aww I'm glad you like it! yeah it would, I spent soo long trying to decide what colours to use!
      Eh, you could just tell them it was edible glitter? No? Maybe wait..

  2. Love this, must admit this method is more logical than mine (which was similar, but not as sectioned) and definitely seems to give much better results! Fantastic :) x