Wednesday, 1 August 2012

what's in my bag!

I've always loved these "what's in your bag" posts and when I saw that the wonderful Lydia had just done one here (her blog's brill, follow it!), I decided to do a blatant copy!

My bag itself is the Aldo Lanford and it's pretty much the love of my life at the moment, I was looking in the shoes in the  sale last month and spotted it on a shelf, and once I'd tried it on I knew I had to have it, despite being at full price! It was only £50 though and I've been buying Primark bags for the last year or so which just break, so this one should last me a while!
I love everything about it, the Chanel style quilt and chain handles, the bow, the studs on the bow, the gold metal details, the front pocket, everything! And super duper bonus, I discovered that the back pocket is the perfect size for a small bottle of alcohol, so I've used it for my handbag vodka and surpassed bouncers with it a couple of times... sshh!

I carry a lot of crap in my bag so I've split it into three pictures, first one being my makeup bag. The clasp on it's broken so a lot of the time most of these items are just floating about in the bag.
I've tried to go in a kind of ordered clockwisey spiral type thing, but I'm assuming you'll be able to put the names to the items anyway!
  • lush it started with a kiss lipstain pot
  • powder brush from glossybox
  • duo eyelash glue
  • divaderme lash extender fibres (my favourite thing ever, review here)
  • l'oreal volume million lashes mascara
  • nail envy
  • bourjois 3 second nail polish remover (I carry this and the nail envy in case I get a chip; I have to remove ALL nail polish if this happens)
  • revlon colorstay foundation in fresh beige
  • bourjois blusher in 03 brun cuvre
  • maybelline 10hr tint gloss in endless ruby
  • maybelline the falsies black drama mascara
  • benefit the porefessional primer mini (I use this on top of my foundation throughout the day instead of powder)

Now for the stuff in the main bag, when I was arranging these I realised some of this stuff should have been in the makeup bag picture but oh well!
*Big breath*
  • guerlain my insolence perfume
  • a wide tooth comb (so much better on my extensions than a brush, and smaller!)
  • passport (for ID, I'm not planning on fleeing the country at any minute)
  • robot clipper lighter and mini lilac for back up (dirty smoker, sshhh)
  • a hairband. with a bow on
  • couldn't take a picture of my phone so I took the case off. it's a panda
  • a book (at the moment it's The Final Testament by James Frey; it's brilllliant)
  • softlips lipbalm in french vanilla
  • bottle opener with corkscrew
  • a rechargeable torch that looks like a pig
  • a big gold necklace for jewellery emergencies (?!)
  • a red pen (because I'm constantly marking my life..?)
  • burt's bees hand salve mini pot
  • nail glue
  • a bar blade (because one bottle opener wasn't enough. and this is cooler)

aaaaaand finally
  • ipod classic + headphones
  • sunnies (love primark. £2!)
  • argan oil for frizz drama throughout the day
  • body shop clementine lotion (I also carry a mini lush vanilla dee-lite but I think I've left it at work)
  • liz earle skin tonic mini spritzer (sometimes I use this for setting make up, and I just like carrying it around really)
  • neal's yard lavender essential oil (in a eucalyptus bottle because me and my mum took half each. I carry lavender around instead of painkillers because it helps headaches and also cuts etc. it's magical)
  • debit cards (also a boots, superdrug and debenhams beauty card but I forgot to photograph them. oops)
  • card reader (for impromtu money transfers. also I'd lose it otherwise)
  • the key (it's like the brighton equivalent of an oyster card. this is my third replacement)
  • house key with my super cool corona bottle keyring
  • hairclip (theres also loads of kirby grips floating about but I forgot about them)
  • and my purse (I've had this since I was about 14. I did have a real wallet but I lost it.)
Good freakin lawwwd! I carry around SO much stuff! There's also normally loads of bits of paper floating around in there but I tidied it up the other day.
I actually can't believe how much stuff I have in my bag!



  1. awh thanks for the shout out! i love that you carry a bottle opener haha, always at the ready! and the pig torch is too cute xo

    1. No worries!
      Haha I know, it's mildly worrying, but especially useful in the summer, I hate getting to the beach with some beers and realsiing nobody has a bottle opener!
      And thanks, it was a Christmas present from my gran ha!

  2. Love your bag (and that it is full of goodies, like mine!)

    Enter to WIN a three-part DETOX PACKAGE!

  3. Ah I love these posts! I just wonder how it all fits in?! Mary Poppins bag ! haha xx

    1. People have said that to me before! Although it's less Mary Poppins and more "let me root around in my bag for that, I'll be back in an hour"!
      I could NEVER have a small bag. Even when I go out with a clutch I manage to fit a ludicrous amount of things in it! xx

  4. I love this kind of a post, I think I'll make one soon:)
    I'm in love with your bag, it is perfect!
    Excellent blog, I'll definitely come back!
    Love, Tasha <3

    1. Thanks hun. I know isn't it beeautiful?! x

  5. I love what's in my bag posts and videos as well! You have soooo many things lol! It's wonderful, that's what makes it interesting ;D

    xo Amy

  6. I'm sorry, but that is one seriously amazing bag!!!!!