Saturday, 4 August 2012

new purchases

Helloooo! Thought I'd show you some stuff I've bought over the past couple of days.
daddy took me shopping earlier (I swear this has never happened before. it was weird) because I needed some new flats as my current ones have a huge hole in them. I wear heels at work and only ever have one pair of flats at a time because I only really wear them for running to the bus stop in the mornings haha. I liked the look of these loafery things; they did have them in leopard print but they looked a bit too much like slippers AND I always wear black tights so I prefer having black shoes. They were £6.
I also got some new tights... I get through these SO fast; they don't ladder but I'm forever burning holes in them or catching them on stuff. I always get a medium for some reason even though they'e a bit too big. It makes them more opaque so I prefer them. These were £3 for 3 pairs!
On the way to the till I demanded that my dad get me a wallet, because I lost my last one. I really liked this because it has a clippy open thing as well as loads of compartments. I was going to get it in brown but realised the black one matches my bag!

Now this I am very very excited about. I finally got LiLash!
I've literally wanted this for about 3 years, and finally decided to take the plunge. I've used the Kiss EverLash MD and Revitalash but neither of them really did much. I also have the Mavala Double Lash but always forget to apply it. I'm gonna post an update of my progress with this in a month or so, I've already taken pictures with and without (!!) mascara so we can all track its effectiveness!
I have heard that this is amazing so I'm hoping for big things (mainly lashes). I got it from Amazon for £51 and got free next day delivery because I have Amazon Prime.

And finally I got Missguided nail polish in Misslead free in Cosmo. They also have an orange (Missmatch) and a hot pink (Misstify). They did this a couple of years ago and I got a black with gold glitter which I quite liked so I thought I'd try this out.
I really couldn't choose which colour to get but went for Misslead because I don't have a yellow. When I applied it I remembered why I always give yellows away. 5 coats in and I was still seeing the smile line! So I removed it all and started again, but this time beginning with two coats of China Glaze White on White (the only white cream I've ever found that isn't a psycho), and this was much better. It's a proper bright yellow with silver microglitter which lifts it up a bit. With one coat over White on White it applied really nicely and pastel yellow, but I added another and it's now bright as you can see! I still don't really like yellows on my skintone but I'll see what I can do with it. I think it might try it as an accent nail with a purple polish.

So that's that! Have you bought anything exciting (or not), recently? Are you looking forward to my LiLash review?



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  2. I've always wanted to try LiLash but can never justify spending so much money on one product, cannot wait for your review! xo

  3. Thank you for your comment!great buys, I love the nail polish and purse, hope you had a good day with your dad :)

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    i discover your blog only now and it's amazing!
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  5. What a beautiful color of your nails :) I'm following you now :)

  6. I love those loafers you got!
    Lately I've been wearing a lot of loafers and moccasins these days.
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  7. Hi Lovely, thank you so much for letting me know about my font, as I still can't work it out if it's big enough, as it's looks so different in each browser or I just have mine zoomed in, I will make it more bigger ;) x