Tuesday, 31 July 2012

my love of reality tv.

Hello all.

Slightly different post.

I've been going through something my whole life which has plagued me. I feel like a freak if I'm honest.

I am obsessed with trash tv. Yes, full on, reality trash.
As I type this post I have just finished watching this week's episode of Geordie Shore, and I'm not gonna lie, it was the best part of my week and the best part of last week was also Geordie Shore. And the week before that... and so on. Now that says one of two things; either I lead a very sad life, or for some reason I enjoy Geordie shore more than my actual life; both are definitely possible, but I actually think it's the latter.
I don't know what it is about that show but seeing people of well under average intelligence falling about and shagging just really gets me going.

*someone posted this on twitter.
I actually thought it was me.

From Jay and his ridiculously femenine eyebrows, to Charlotte and her pooey knickers (if you didn't see last week's episode you won't get this. and to be honest if you didn't you should be proud), I just love it all. And if I'm being entirely honest, my hair may have been slightly inspired by Holly's*.
I literally dream about being out with the Geordie Shore lot. Deficating myself etc. When the programme does finally come to its inevitable demise I do genuinely think I'll cry.

And it's not just Geordie Shore, oh no! Jersey shore is one of the best things that has ever happened to me, the fact that TOWIE is on twice a week makes my life complete and before Big Brother switched to Channel 5 I found myself watching the live footage for a ridiculous amount of time a day. I used to watch them sleep. Yes, really. Before it's aforementioned move over to C5, when it was flat out cancelled by Channel 4 and nobody knew its fate, I mourned over the loss of my summer. Obviously I would have still had one but there would have been no point to it.

Now Jersey and Geordie Shore are still my favourites, because they're clearly not scripted at all (or if so, very slightly) unlike TOWIE, and yet not remotely boring, like BB has a tendency to be. They are literally just people living in a house, getting absolutely smashed and going out. And sometimes they are even in the house hungover and tanning. It's actually like they based it on my life. Just based in the north. 

Now I know this has nothing to do with beauty or anything like that, I just wanted to let all you terrible people out there like me know that we shouldn't be ashamed of our terrible taste in television! We should embrace it! Not just thick people watch these programmes. I have had to explain to people whose only interests similar to mine are our (despicable) tastes in television why Big Brother is called Big Brother and not "CCTV" (this actually has happened). I do watch other stuff. I just prefer trash.

And yet even I think X Factor is despicable. 

Love xx


  1. I loveee this post, makes me feel more normal about how much tv and crap tv I watch haha! It's so bad but so so good :) xo

    1. Yaaaay! It's brill isn't it ;) i think everything in life thats especially bad for you is just so fun!
      And how much does that picture of Holly from G shore look like me?! I seriously need to tone down the fake tan I think... Xx

    2. It is! I think its because like you said, theyre just normal people, much easier to relate to than typical scripted acted drama. Only the hair colour I think(but i can only see a tiny picture of you) and I think we've all gone a bit overboard with tan at some point haha, lifes just that bit better with a tan :D xo

    3. Yes they are!
      Haha yeah you're right, I go through phases of going absolutely mental with the tan but thankfully because I'm quite good at applying it (blowing my own trumpet!) at least I don't end up a streaky mess. Still trying to work out how to sort out the orange elbows though! xx

  2. I too am a crap reality-TV junkie, and I never understand why people give me the weirdest looks when I say I actually enjoy watching Geordie shore and the only way is Essex!

    I actually don't know what else I'd watch when lounging in bed hungover on a Sunday afternoon - everything else just requires too many brain cells!

    Sam x

  3. Jersey Shore is my ultimate fave for tv trash ! No one gets me love for it : [

    More trash tv please !