Saturday, 18 August 2012

instagram + life no.1

smokey being the cutest thing ever // fantastic grafitti over a specsavers poster // being drunk on the bus looking like a cartoon // roooots! // home made earl greay iced tea // enjoying the sunshine + looking naked

I've been ummimg and aahing over doing instagram posts for a while now, I know some people think they're a bit of a cop out but I'd rather have something to post than nothing, and I enjoy them so I thought I'd go for it.

This week I've been really ill, to begin with I was positive it was tonsillitis as I was waking up unable to swallow and was really feverish, but I woke up on Wednesday feeling absolutely fine, and yesterday and Thursday just full of cold, which is weird. I was going to go to the doctors in case it was tonsillitis but I've been gargling with TCP (on recommendation from Dr Izzie at hola bambi) which has really helped, although I accidentally swallowed a huge gulp of it on Weds...

The sunshine is out again which is wonderful, everything just looks so much nicer in the sun and I don't even mind being ill that much. I need to sort my legs out in case it's warm in the week so I'm not forced to wear black tights, but epilation needs to be done and I'm feeling wimpy today so I'll probably do it tomorrow.

I've been using LiLash for two weeks now, I'm going to do a full post when I've used it for long enough to get a proper idea, I've got the draft all updated etc. but I thought I'd let you know now that I'm already seeing results! My bottom lashes are very impressive, and I'm now only having to use three coats of mascara + divaderme lash extender (review here) to get an effect that would have previously taken about 6. And last night at the pub I mentioned to one of my friends how long my eyelashes were getting, and everyone (boys included) got involved in arguing that they were fake and inspecting them! Everyone has assumed that I've just been wearing falsies every day again recently (I used to), which is  a rather good sign! My left eye isn't half as good as the right though which is a bit annoying, hopefully they'll even up soon!

Is it sunny where you are? Have you got any tips for soothing my unknown illness? What do you think of Instagram posts?

PS my instagram is xhannahsaidso


  1. LOL!! Its not the first time ive been branded a GP :) Why are you soo pretty?! I want my red hair back! Although it was never as red as yours you lucky pup! Have a good weekend, I'm absolutely sweltering xx

  2. hellooo!
    i've just got myself instagram but have no idea how to work it! i can't find out how to put all the pictures together or anything. its so confusing!
    as for the illness? my grandma always says to gargle salt water. i don't know if it works because i'm too scared of the salt. i hate salt!
    let me know if it works out though, then i might get some balls and do it!
    good luck x

  3. Please stop being so beautiful woman!!
    Hope you're feeling much better too! It was sunny today where I live but only today- up North needs to make its mind up! xx

  4. You're hair is so gorgeous. I loved having red hair. It's so fun :)
    I really like instagram posts!



  5. I recommend that you boil some water and pour it in a mug, add some sliced lemons in there too. As per the uneven lashes, why don't you apply the solution to the lashes that have yet to catch up solely for a while until they're even again?

    hope this helps xo

  6. Awhhh I love Instagram posts! You are gorgeous :)x

  7. I love your hair colour :) I've been loving the sun as well! I get tonsillitis a lot or sore throats and I find warm honey type drinks, the cool strepels and painkillers the best help but for colds olbas oil (not sure that's how your spell it ha ha) or plug in cold relief things! Awww your dog is gorgeous

    Tanesha x

  8. you're so pretty, I'm jelly! i like instagram posts, keep them up! hope you're feeling better and saying you felt wimpy about epilation made me laugh. I'm the exact same, its so painful you need to be in the right frame of mind haha xx

  9. Great insta photos, you look so cute <3
    I have nominated you for The Liebster Blog Award!
    Please check my blog for more informations :)
    Love, Tasha <3