Sunday, 8 July 2012

nail rock tattoo wraps + devastation

I've been putting off wearing these for ages because a) I was waiting for my nails to grow and b) I didn't like the idea of having to buff the shine from my nails in order to wear them. Read on for my opinion...

In the end I took the plunge, and this picture shows them after 4 days. I had washed my hair in this time which is quite impressive but as you can see my little finger lifted quite a lot which was bloody annoying. The middle finger also creased which I couldn't get rid of.
I found all of them a little bit too big which made applying them and keeping them stuck down quite hard.
I absolutely love the design of these ones, I think they're my faves. I like the cherries best.

overall I like these, but don't like the fact that my nails are now all rough and I had to peel them off :(

In other news, on Friday I lost a plastic bag containing my purse, my new Aldo shoes and...
MY ENTIRE MAKE UP BAG. It had absolutely everything in it. Revitalash, about 6 moisturisers, and virtually all of the makeup I currently wear bar my mascara and divaderme lash extender, which were for some reason (but luckily) floating about in my bag at the time.
So annoyed, I'm pretty sure I must have left it in a taxi so I've been calling the police station but apparently there's no point until tuesday morning.
I have no eyelid primer, barely any eyeshadow, NO EYEBROW POWDER (no idea how I'm gonna cope with this), no concealer, NOTHING but mascara and BB cream. and eyeliner.

Oh also I can't afford to replace it all now, and I think rather than buy cheap stuff now, I might just wait until next month and re-buy all my favourites... Obv essentials will be bought in the meantime. Eyebrows etc. And a new brain.

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