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joliebox: july 2012- the summer essentials: review

hello! sorry I've been  AWOL again lately, I've been quite busy at work and therefore knackered in the evenings; virtually ready for bed by 7.
Today I recieved a nice little parcel; and actually assumed it was last month's Joliebox, as it's still missing (waiting to hear from you on that front JB!), but was surprised to see a black box as opposed to the spcial ones from last month (waahh). So, it's been a month already! And I thought what better thing to kick me into posting again than a Jolie Box? Personally I think I might prefer them to Glossybox, although that might just be because I've been receiving Glossybox since Christmas and this is only my third month (but second box, grrr) with JB.
Anyway, enough rambling, lets go with the products!

Etat Pur Pure Active A22- Salicylic Acid 300
(or Etat Pur Biometric Skincare B09- Express purifying mask)
"A well known ingredient in dermatology, salicylic acid is very powerful and effective on acne-prone, blemished skin"
Very excited about this, I've been really enjoying the Dermatalogica set I got in last month's Glossybox (which I forgot to post about,  oooops) which is all salicylic based, having not really enjoyed using products containing it before.
This is a full sized (worth £12.20) bottle of water based salicylic gel, it's quite thick as you can see, and meant to be put on spots or all over for a little treatment. I put a little dab on a lurky spot earlier and it does appear to have shrunk slightly. I'll probably review this shortly if I like it. The bottle is brill, it has a funny little teat (hahaha) and you push the bottom (hahaha), which is rubbery and raised (hahaha) and a little droplet comes out (hahahaha I am a CHILD). They recommend you use 1-4 drops once or twice a day, and because it's 15ml it should be lasting a good while.

Jane Iredale Tantasia Self Tanner
"A moisturising gradual self-tanner for the face and body that provides instant, healthy looking colour"
This is the tiny tiniest sample ever, like, lipgloss sized. I don't really do gradual tanning, I prefer to get the colour I want and then use a decent moisturiser to maintain it, but hey ho, I'll be trying this on m face. I don't really get why a gradual tanner would be so tiny! It has a slight orange tint with a bit of shimmer
Also, it stinks.

Nailgirls Medal Collection Minis x2
"Gold, bronze or silver, these metallic polishes are sure to get you noticed this summer"
LOVE these. Bronze and gold foil polishes, yaaay! Plan to do a metallic leopard print with these, will keep you updated. You know I love polish, so this is all I need to say. I'll do a seperate post on these I imagine, whether it's a notd or a review. These are about the size of the Leighton Denny nail polish from the Harrods Glossybox if anyone got that, so a decent size.

Wen by Chaz Dean Sweet Almond and Mint Cleansing Conditioner
"Bursting with natural herbs and botanicals, this single-step cleansing conditioner leaves hair looking and feeling deeply cleansed and nourished at the same time"
I've seen this on shopping channels and online, and it's always interested me, but the full size is a bleedin £25 so I've never bought it.
It has the texture of a thick conditioner and smells really minty and nice. My friend tried to smell it earlier and squeezed some up her nose which was hysterically funny. She then tried to wipe the product from her nose back onto the tube though which was worrying.
This is 60ml so a decent size to try it, but they recommend using an insane amount of it so we shall see. I'm a bit worried about if this'll sap my red out, and also this has ridiculously varied reviews on makeupalley. I may review it. I'm scared.
Also, JB have put Caz instead of Chaz on the menu so it's been funny seeing bloggers copy, hehe.

Special Extra
"This month we have included an extra gift as a way of apology for the inconvenience that may have been caused by the late arrival of your June Joliebox last month, we hope you enjoy!"
Well that's very sweet of them, isn't it? All these bonus items are old box products I believe, I got the RMK Makeup Base, which I've had before but quite liked. I think
I'd prefer to have got something different, waaahhhhhhhh.

Continuing JolieBox + GlossyBox's current bizarre trend for including branded items, there's also some foam toe seperators, which I'm meh about. Quite excited about what they'll include next month though. JolieBox toenail clippers? JolieBox feminine wipes? Only time will tell!

Overall I like this box. I was instantly excited on seeing the Wen, the Salicylic acid and the nail polish. I'd say these are things I wanna see more of in beauty boxes, skincare, haircare and nail stuff. I'm not that into getting make up in them because I'm so picky with the stuff.

I recently got the Camera+ app for my iphone which I took these pictures with, what do you think? I'm hoping it'll help a bit until I can afford a proper camera.

I also have an instagram account, my username is xhannahsaidso in case you fancy following me, it's basically pictures of myself. hahaha.

ALSO, I want to do a giveaway. I might do one when I reach 10 (fml) followers, just a little one. A nail varnish or something. If you're not following me, do so! On blogger. Don't understand GFC....

SO, have you got your joliebox? did you get last months? what other beauty boxes are you subscribed to?


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