Sunday, 28 June 2015

not a recipe: avocado and bacon toast with smoked paprika

Bit of a different post today, but as food is as much of an interest of mine as beauty, I've decided to do the odd post on it. It'll probably consist of recipes, restaurant reviews (when I can afford to go!) but mostly my favourite things to eat. This is one of those things. I'm also very aware that my food photography must improve, but I wanted to eat it as quickly as possible.

I'm obsessed with avocados; they're healthy, filling and bloody delicious.

I spent Friday night at my boyfriend's house for the first time in a while, and he always has a go at me because despite being in charge of cooking, I never have any idea what I actually want to eat. This time I knew, however, as I hadn't had an avocado for weeks. I ate it for dinner on Friday and lunch on Saturday.

This is how I go about it:
fry or grill bacon (I prefer streaky bacon, fried quite slowly to let the fat render and then go really crispy, as you can see)
while you're toasting a slice of decent  quality bread (seeded is my preference, but you do you), cut your avocado in half and scoop one half into a bowl. Add about a teaspoon of olive oil, salt, pepper and I love to also squeeze a wedge of lime and add smoked paprika and sometimes cayenne pepper. Mash this all up, spread it on the toast, plonk the bacon on top and sprinkle a bit more paprika over, and then shove it all in your face.

As I usually only eat half an avocado at a time (when being sensible and not starved) I had to find a way to preserve the other half, as they're expensive little buggers. I do this by getting a square of tinfoil, putting the avocado half (pit intact and facing up) on the foil, drizzle a bit of olive oil over it, rub in so it's covering all of the flesh and then wrap it in the foil, and put it in the fridge. This works because the oil stops the avocado oxidising, which is what makes them go brown. They last like this for up to 3 days in  the fridge, sometimes there's a tiny brown bit that can be cut off, but I've found it's much more effective than using lemon juice.


  1. Ooh looks so yummy!

    1. I would eat it for every meal if I could!

  2. This looks absolutely delicious, I love avocados! I eat half a one at a time as well so I'll have to try preserving them the way you do :) xx